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Final Reflective Blog

This class has taught me many things about both writing in general and my specific field that I plan to go into, public education. Paper 2’s research showed me what is most likely to change in the way teacher training happens, they are starting to do on the job training. But all the papers combined,Continue reading “Final Reflective Blog”

Blog #4

With the second draft due Monday, my main goal right now is to just plain old, get more writing done. The current situation has no doubt impacted all of us and I am currently a little behind in writing it. With that being said however, some specific things that I believe would be helpful toContinue reading “Blog #4”

Blog Entry #3

I apologize for the lateness of this entry, especially since it’s after I already uploaded my oral presentation; but life gets in the way sometimes. As already mentioned in the presentation, I did have difficulty finding sources (only finding 1) that showed the perspective of LGBT individuals as part of the medical field instead ofContinue reading “Blog Entry #3”

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